Hadīth and Sīra Studies

Hadīth and Sīra Studies is a peer reviewed and biannual journal.


Hadīth and Sīra Studies is a peer-reviewed academic journal. It is concerned with all aspects of classical and contemporary hadīth and sīra research. It welcomes multidisciplinary contributions to hadīth and sīra studies especially from literature, history, sociology, psychology, and educational sciences as well as other branches of Islamic studies. It gives special emphasis to international perspectives, and values the works of authors from diverse intellectual traditions. Hadīth and Sīra Studies publishes notes, translations, reviews of books, symposiums and conferences in addition to articles in Turkish, Arabic, English, German and French.


Authors should submit their manuscript online at: [email protected]. Manuscripts should contain the full name, academic affiliation and contact details of the author. Following submission, authors will receive a confirmation of receipt within three days.

Peer Review Process:

Manuscripts submitted to Hadīth and Sīra Studies are initially reviewed in terms of formal requirements by the editor. Based on the editor’s decision, the manuscript is sent out to two reviewers. In case of contradictory opinions from reviewers, manuscripts are forwarded to a third reviewer. Upon acceptance, proofs are sent to the author. The author should submit the final version within twenty days.

Ethical Conditions:

Submission of a manuscript requires the following:

  1. The manuscripts have not been published elsewhere in any language. When the manuscript is based on previously published or presented materials such as conference papers or theses, this is indicated on the first page with a footnote.
  2. The manuscript should not be submitted to any other journal or publisher while still under consideration for Hadīth and Sīra Studies.
  3. If the manuscript is a translation of an article or a book chapter previously published, the translator should obtain written permission from the author and respective copyright owner(s).
  4. The author guarantees that he/she followed COPE’s (Committee on Publication Ethics) ethical guidelines.

Conditions and Publication:

The manuscripts should not be under review by another journal or have been published previously in any language except as a part of a thesis. Unpublished papers or lectures are accepted on condition that it is indicated in the manuscripts.

Manuscripts submitted for publication cannot be returned. Authors of articles will be sent 15 reprints, and authors of other sections will be sent 10 reprints. Opinions expressed in the journal belong solely to the authors and do not necessarily represent those of the journal.